About JTM Products

Mud flaps may seem like a small thing, but we know that what you are putting on them isn’t. It’s your logo representing the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve put into your business; it’s the fight you or a loved one has gone through with cancer; it’s a funny saying to make people smile while they’re on the road; it’s a positive statement to spread hope. The space behind your tires is a prime location to put a little bit of yourself or your business out there for all to see.

Back in 2004, we caught this exact vision. Initially built and grown by the original owners on the pride of the Husker football team, we purchased the business from them and shifted the focus to the custom capabilities that mud flaps offer. Since then, we have grown, moved, and done all we can to be the best and stand out from the rest. We are devoted to excellence and providing exceptional product and service to our customers. We make it our mission to provide the utmost in care, concern, honesty, and support possible. We will get to know each of you personally and treat you like one of the family. Your vision is important to us and we will work closely with you to get it right.